IMBC..broadened my knowledge


A couple days ago, November 11th-12th, I went to Jakarta to participate in International Microbial Biotechnology Conference (IMBC) that held in Atmajaya University. I attended that conference with some of my college friends. This conference mainly discussed the current research and discovery in biotechnology. There were some invited speakers from abroad that expert in their specific fields. Some of them are professor and the others are lecturers and researchers.

The conference were divided into 7 sessions, if I’m not mistaken. The most interesting part for me was the first part because it discussed about microbial pathogenesis particularly. I have a special interest in this field of study and really hope can do my final project in microbial pathogenesis or other topics related to that. One presentation that made me so curious was about antibiotic resistance genes transfer in human body that resulted from conjugation process. I really curious about why a simple process like conjugation can lead to the formation of those genes.

There were also one presentation from that Korean researcher about bioinformatics that amazed me. He has made a website, just like NCBI in USA, that collect all database of microorganisms found in Korea so that their citizens can easily retrieve the data.

 Bioinformatics technology has been developed in Indonesia for many years, but until now researchers still have difficulties in collecting data from microorganism that scattered all over this country. I can understand that the most crucial barrier is economical problems. Maybe if in the future there are more budget for scientifical project, research in bioinformatics field will be increased and we can also make a database that contains information of all microorganisms in our country, especially endemic microorganisms that can be useful for human beings and also the harmful microorganisms so that we can prevent their outbreaks.

 Overall the conference was so well-organized. I got a lot of information that related to my concern in microbiology. I also had some little discussion with some of invited speakers. They were very friendly. 

 Actually most of participants were graduate students, lecturers, and researchers. I’ve just realized at the end of this conference that we were the youngest participants. Hahaha. Yeah..we’re just undergraduate students. some parts of this conference I couldn’t get along very well because I didn’t really understand what was their discussion about. But, we were glad to be the youngest participants. At least, we got some new knowledge.

me and my friends attending IMBC

 me and my friends attending IMBC

2 thoughts on “IMBC..broadened my knowledge

  1. hm.,i also had a very unforgettable moment in that event la.,but i just didn’t like the EO that didn’t give us the handouts.,and that was really suck.,trust me..
    overall i like the well-planned agenda,humble professors…,and i loooove the food.,
    hope we will meet them again ya la.,hoho

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