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Life Goes On

Starting from mid May, the German government has allowed people --especially those who run business-- to resume their activities. This means, shopping malls, bookstores, and restaurants are carefully reopening their doors to customers. Social distancing procedures are still being applied, of course. For example, we need to wear masks when visiting the shopping malls, the… Continue reading Life Goes On

my life in Germany

How I Stay Motivated During Pandemie

As of today, I have been practising social distancing for more than five weeks. Coming to the lab only for doing necessary experiments becomes my new normal now. On most days, my activities revolves around waking up, doing my home-office stuffs (checking work emails, doing some writings, revisiting research data, and joining webinars), and having… Continue reading How I Stay Motivated During Pandemie

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Getting Rid of Implicit Bias I stumbled upon this video, which triggered me to read and write about implicit bias. I have never heard about this term before, but I know a little bit about "sub-conscious prejudice". Actually these two terms are quite similar. I like the content of that video, except the part on international conferences. In my… Continue reading Getting Rid of Implicit Bias